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We help healthcare providers generate revenue while prioritizing the health and happiness of their patients.

By  leading with empathy and committing the proper time, knowledge, and friendliness to the customer experience, Resupply Team is equipped to provide premium services to you and your patients. 

Find peace of mind in knowing your patients are supported to reorder the entirety of their medical resupply needs.

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Unlike most resupply companies, Resupply Team goes above and beyond to provide a patient-centric culture for our customers. Through personal outreach and education by our Customer Advocacy Agents, Resupply Team provides healthcare providers with compliant, verified, revenue-generating reorders. 

We're not just an order-generating service. We're real people. 

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By working symbiotically with our customers, we become a value-add extension of their brands. Resupply Team is comprised of servant-leaders that provide excellent care to the medical industry. Our unique, hands-on approach establishes trusting relationships that improve the overall well-being of our customers, patients, employees, and community.  


Teamwork matters.

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Bridget Scambler: Operations and HR 

AJ Vasquez-Romero: Patient Advocacy Manager

Jenna Zanotto: Owner

Our leadership team.

  • Take co-payments and process credit card transactions through preferred billing software
  • Run insurance verification 
  • Can work with 3rd party vendors for drop ship order creation
  • Basic troubleshooting and education of supplies

Additional Services 

Resupply Team is a part of the patient's sleep study test from start to finish. We monitor the delivery and pickup of all new sleep test units, and personally coach patients through their study. We troubleshoot any issues they may experience and encourage compliance to ensure a successful study. 

We use our signature replenishment process to cycle and contact patients using medically necessary products. The items include, but are not limited to; all feeding supplies, catheters and suctions, as well as replacement diabetic devices. 

Monthly Resupply 

Our expertly designed resupply process allows us to use DME company's patient database to monitor compliance and extrapolate the due dates of when supplies are eligible to be replaced according to insurance requirements. We contact those patients and generate new sales orders for their requested supplies.

CPAP Resupply

Our services.

Home Sleep Study and Titration Follow-Up

So, are you ready to treat your patients to a superior experience and quality customer service?

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